Out of memory OLD PERMGEN


I’ve been using the product without any problem up until January; since then it keeps filling our machine’s OLD PERMGEN mermory, blocking them and requiring us to shut them down and restart them.
We’re using 20.1 classifier jdk16 with the following artifact:


I am attaching the output of the java command “jmap -histo” which tells us which classes take up the most memory (practically all refer to “com.aspose.slides”).jmap.trc.zip (149.6 KB)

Please let us know how to fix this, thank you!

Welcome to our community! Could you please share a code exampe or simple standalone project that can be used to investigate the problem?

Hello Andrey, for sure, here you go.

ExportPresentationFlow.zip (8.7 KB)

To my regret, I cannot use your code example containing so many unknown classes and dependencies. Please try to isolate your problem in a simpler project with Aspose.Slides dependency only, excluding parts that are not related with the issue.