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Can you please tell me if ASPOSE.Cells supports outlining for Excel spreadsheets (i.e. clicking a '+' to show a group of rows contributing to a subtotal, and clicking '-' to hide them)?

Please try to use Cells.GroupRows and Cells.GroupColumns method.

Hi Laurence

The GroupRows method simply hides the rows. It does not create a "+"/"-" node to allow the user to expand or collapse the grouped rows.



Hi Alan,

How do you use GroupRows method. Please try following piece of code:

Workbook excel = new Workbook();

excel.Worksheets[0].Cells.GroupRows(3, 9);
excel.Worksheets[0].Cells.GroupRows(4, 6);
excel.Worksheets[0].Cells.GroupRows(5, 8);


Output file is attached here.