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Outlook msg for MAC - Help is Needed


The attachment has been created with aspose email for java (latest version). We don't know why, but outlook for MAC doesn't open it. Can you help please?

Kind regards,


Hi Renato,

We are sorry for the inconvenience you are facing.

Can you please share the original attachment file with us and your sample code that you used to generate this MSG file, so that we can reproduce the issue as it is at our end and assist you further. Also, please share the version details of MAC that you are using at your end. Looking forward to assist you as soon as possible.

Hi Kashif,
Thank you for your reply. This is JP writing on behalf of Renato.

I’ve attached the original file.

The machine that opens the file is: Windows 7 with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 SP3.

The machine that doesn’t open the file is: MAC OX 10 V 10.7 with Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011.

The code is:

License license = new License();


System.setProperty(“file.encoding”, “UTF-8”);

MailMessage message = new MailMessage();

message.setSubject(" “);


AttachmentCollection attachments = message.getAttachments();

Attachment attObj = new Attachment(fileName);

String fileNameWithoutFolder = new File(fileName).getName();



MapiMessage mapiMsg = MapiMessage.fromMailMessage(message);

mapiMsg.setMessageFlags(MapiMessageFlags.MSGFLAG_UNSENT | MapiMessageFlags.MSGFLAG_FROMME);;

Kind regards,

Hi JP,

Thank you for the information.

Please spare us a little time to investigate this issue at our end. We will soon share our findings with you.

Hi JP,

Thank you for your patience.

I have noticed that when I try to open the attached message (infact any MSG) in Outlook for MAC, the message as a whole gets as attachment to a new message in message Compose form. Are you facing the same issue? I saved a MSG file from outlook on windows and tried to open that from MAC by copying it there, but behaviour is the same. Are you facing the same issue with any other MSG file as well that is saved from outlook even? or you getting any exception/error while opening the Aspose created MSG file in outlook for Mac? Also, was this MSG file created on windows machine or Mac?

We feel sorry for the inconvenience you are facing, but it took us some time to establish the necessary environment to test this issue. Please let us know your feedback about our findings and we will try to investigate it further as soon as possible.

Hi Kashif,

Yes. I have the same problem: when I open in MAC, the whole message appears as an attachment but I'm never able to open the actual message.

I haven't tried to open a message saved from a windows machine. But, when a message generated from aspose is opened on MAC, it's opened as attachment.

Please let me know about your progress.

Kind regards,


Hi JP,

Thank you for the very quick feedback.

I would request you to please try any other file (not generated through Aspose) and try to open that on Outlook for Mac. I am facing the same issue with any other MSG file (not saved through Aspose) and it seems to have something other than at the Aspose end. I am looking into this issue on priority basis and will soon share my additional findings. Please provide us your feedback by opening any non-Aspose generated MSG file at your end.

Hi Kashif,

It seems that this is a well known problem. Please have a look at:

Would you recomend me other file format instead of MSG?

Kind regards,


Hi JP,

Thank you for the valuable information.

After a little search over the internet, I found that Outlook for Mac uses EML format for the messages. I converted your sample MSG file to EML format using Aspose.Email for Java, and it opened perfectly in Outlook for Mac. Please try it at your end and let us know your feedback. Hopefully this will fulfil your needs.