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Overflow text field and the layout of its borders


I made a box with text field borders on a detail band since my client doesn’t like lines on top of a table in MSWord.

  • Text field 2 can contain much text so I chose the overflow option.
  • Only text field 2 appears on the overflow page.
  • Therefore the borders have a U shape on the overflow page.
  • To fix this I switched the top border of text field 2 on.
  • As a consequence a line appears between text field 1 and text field 2 on the detail the original page.
Is there a possibility to make the top border on text field 2 conditional on overflow ?


Thanks for your request and sorry for very delayed response, I must missed the post. Could you please attach your .jrprint file here for testing? We will check the issue and provide you more information.

Best regards.


Thanks for your response.
I generated a .jrprint file with
JasperFillManager.fillReportToFile(report, “exampleBorderTextField.jrprint”, hm, connection);
Please let me know, if this is not the format that you require.

At the bottom of the first page is a thin solid horizontal line between Project and Description.
This line is present since I needed to have a closed box around the Description overflow “would automate…” on the second page. I would like a possibility to remove the horizontal line between Project and Description without getting an open box on the overflow page.

Best regards.


Thank you for additional information. I logged the issue in our defect database. The developers responsible for Aspose.Words for Jasper Reports will take a look at the issue shortly.

Best regards,