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Overload for method 'Save' of Workbook takes '4' arguments involving Response object

Using Aspose.Cells verison 7.0.2 I get this error when I try to use the Save method I find documented in the online documentation.

See the attached screenshot.

Is this still a valid method? If not, what should I be using the save the workbook to the Response object?


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I think you are using the wrong dll of Aspose.Cells. When you use our product in a a web application, please use the Aspose.Cells.dll from the net2.0 folder in the "/bin" directory. I think you are using the ClientProfile version of Aspose.Cells Assembly. For your information, the dll in net3.5_ClientProfile directory is used only for the console application with Net frame client profile as the target framework of Please check your project, it is possible that your project is referencing this dll. For complete reference, please read the "readme.txt" file in the bin directory.

Let us know if you still have any confusion.