P6 Resource Assignment Work, Cost & Unit values

In the attached sample file task “A1000” has two resources assigned. The task duration is 480 hours and the Duration Type in P6 is Fixed Duration & Units. The total hours for the task have been split 50% between the two resources.

When reading this project in Aspose the resource assignment values for Work and Cost are double what appears in P6.

P6 Screenshot:
image.png (425.7 KB)

P6 Project
SRR-SplittedResources.zip (4.2 KB)

Sample Program:

           Project m_Project2 = new Project(@"C:\SRR-SplittedResources.xer");
           ChildTasksCollector m_coll2 = new ChildTasksCollector();
           TaskUtils.Apply(m_Project2.RootTask, m_coll2, 0);

           foreach (var tsk in m_coll2.Tasks) {
               if (tsk.Get(Tsk.ActivityId) == "A1000") {
                   Console.WriteLine($"Task ActivityID: {tsk.Get(Tsk.ActivityId)} \n" +
                       $"Name: {tsk.Get(Tsk.Name)} \n" +
                       $"ActivityType: {tsk.Get(Tsk.Type)} \n" +
                       $"Duration: {tsk.Get(Tsk.Duration)} \n" +
                       $"Cost: {tsk.Get(Tsk.Cost)} \n" +
                       $"Work: {tsk.Get(Tsk.Work)} \n");

          foreach (var xxx in m_Project2.ResourceAssignments) {
               if (xxx.Get(Asn.Task).Get(Tsk.ActivityId) == "A1000") {
                  Console.WriteLine($"Task ActivityID: {xxx.Get(Asn.Task).Get(Tsk.ActivityId)} \n" +
                        $"Resource Name: {xxx.Get(Asn.Resource).Get(Rsc.Name)} \n" +
                        $"Cost: {xxx.Get(Asn.Cost)} \n" +
                        $"Units: {xxx.Get(Asn.Units)} \n" +
                        $"Work: {xxx.Get(Asn.Work)} \n");

Program Output 22.10
image.png (17.3 KB)

Is this expected? In this situation should the Resource Assignment = Unit (.5) * the Task Duration? And Cost = Unit (.5) * Task Duration * Price/Unit? Or in my usage should we be performing this calculation?



No, assignment’s Work and Cost should contain the ‘final’ (multiplied by Units) values
We’ll fix the issue in version 22.11.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as TASKSNET-10692) have been fixed in this update.