Pacing the emails sending process

We will be sending thousands of emails, utilizing Exchange SMTP and I was wondering if I could pace the process by wiring the

agent.MessageSent += Agent_MessageSent;

And inside the method have some sort of counter than when it reaches multiples of 5000 to pause for several minutes and then continue sending the rest of emails.

Would this work? Would some sort of pause in the MessagesSent event method pause the Agent? and so allowing for the exchange server to catch up sending the emails?

Or do you have a suggestion on how to pause or batch the sending of tens of thousands of emails?


Hi Luis,

Thank you for posting your inquiry.

We are sorry to share that there is no such method to add events to an IEWSClient actions while sending out emails. There is only a single method, “Send”, provided with the IEWSClient that doesn’t provide this facility. If you are using the same IEWSClient object, you can specify the gap between sending out emails in your application manually and control the pace of sending these out. Please feel free to write to us for further assistance.