Page Break problem when converting from aspose.word to aspose.pdf


I’ve got a doc file that I am mail merging and then outputting as PDF. The PDF output correctly puts in the first couple page breaks (explicitly set in the DOC file) but after that just ignores them and all the pages just run together. I also have section breaks in the DOC but they are all continous.

I’m using aspose.word 3.0 licensed, and aspose.PDF 2.5 evaluation for the moment.

I can provide the post merged DOC and PDFs if needed.



Dear Dan,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Please provide your Word document and let me test it.


This is the saved version of the word file after we’ve done our processing. If we do the same thing and select PDF as the output format then we get the messed up page breaks.


This problem will be solved in the hotfix which will be published soon.