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Page numbering in PDF appears as letters

The product i'm working on uses Aspose.pfd to generate various reports. I've been trying to add page numbers to these reports.

I was able to add the page numbering by using the replacable symbol $p

AsposeRow pdfRow = footerTable.Rows.Add(); //footerTable is an AsposeTable, the contents of my footer

TextInfo pageCount = new TextInfo();

AsposeCell pfdCell = pdfRow.Cells.Add();

pfdCell.Paragraphs.Add(new Text("$p", pageCount)); //pageCount is a TextInfo object i've just created

This works just fine, apart from the fact that my page numbers appear as letters. (eg. page 2 is b, 3 is c, and so on) I've been searching these forums and the web, but can't find a solution. How can i fix this?


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Do you mean that you encounter a bug of the page numbers being printed as letters? I've tested many cases but am not able to reproduce it. Could you please provide more details about your project, to help us to reproduce and resolve the issue?


correct. i also found out i had set the page number format (Aspose.Pdf.Pdf.PageNumberFormat) to english, in stead of arab. (which i presume is the default value) Setting it to arab fixed the problem.