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Page numbering Issue while merging different templates


I am using Aspose.Words to generate PDF. I have templated in word which i finally convert to pdf.

i want to append multiple documents into a single document and finally convert that to pdf.

Say I have two documents: Document A and Document B that i want to merge.

In Document A - I am using two templates say Temp A and temp B. Document A a consists of 6 pages(Template A pages -5 pages + Template B-1 page)

In Document B - I am again using the same two templates. Document B consists of 5 pages(Template A pages- 4 pages + template B-1 page)

Now when I append these two documents into a destination document, the page numbers that i finally get are incorrect.

I tried with :


ldocbuilderSrcDocBuild.Write("PAGE ");

ldocbuilderSrcDocBuild.InsertField("PAGE", null);

ldocbuilderSrcDocBuild.Write(" of " );

ldocbuilderSrcDocBuild.InsertField("NUMPAGES", null);

In this it gives me total count: like in this case it will give me Page 1 of 11...2 of 11... 11 of 11

But the Page numbering that i want is according to the document:

It should give me Page 1 of 6.. Page 2 of 6...... Page 6 of 6 for document A and

Page 1 of 5... Page 2of 5... page 5 of 5 for Document B within that same PDF.

Also I tried using

lpgsetPageSetup.RestartPageNumbering = true;

ldocbuilderSrcDocBuild.InsertField("SECTIONPAGES", null);

It is not working, it is giving abrupt page numbers.

Secondly I also tried with Document.PageCount

PageCount = ldocSrcDoc.PageCount;


It is not working Either though in this case i'm getting proper page number. But when i write this Document.PageCount statement, it doesnot show me the complete PDF, it just displays the first page of PDF.

Kindly suggest how can i number the pages in my PDF.



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Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please create simple application, which will allow me to reproduce the problem on my side and attach your documents here for testing? I will check the issue and provide you more information.

Best regards.