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Page Numbers not from 1


I have a PDF and I need to put the page numbers on it. But the requirement is that the pagenumbers should start from 5 to N.

Basically I need to put a pagination where the start page should be as per my input. How can I achive this ?

I am using Aspose Java 2.7.0, pdf kit 3.7.0.

Code Sample : (where the page starts from 1 .Actually I need to start it as per my choice)

PdfFileInfo fileInfo = new PdfFileInfo(combinedPdfWOPageNum);

int totalPage = fileInfo.getNumberofPages();

// Add page number to the PDFs

fileStamp = new PdfFileStamp(combinedPdfWOPageNum, combinedFinalFileName);

FormattedText ft = new FormattedText("Page # of " + totalPage, new FontColor(0, 0, 0), FontStyle.Helvetica, EncodingType.Winansi, false, 8);


Hi Sriman,

I’m sorry to inform you that this feature is currently not supported by Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java. However, I have logged a new feature request as PDFKITJAVA-30170 in our issue tracking system. Our team will look into this feature and you’ll be updated via this forum thread once it is supported.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.