Paragraph doesn't contain the correct style name



I am in the midst of evaluating and faced some problems. I have created some styles to differentiate several paragraphs, when the program goes through the paragraphs, and try to access the stylename of each paragraph, it is reflecting a different style name.

For example, I created a "CF-Test" style and marked several paragraphs as "CF-Test", when I navigate through the nodes, it still give me the style name as "Normal".

Anything wrong?

Document WordDoc = new Document(Request.PhysicalApplicationPath + "HASTH_LegalAuditRpt.doc");

foreach(Paragraph p in WordDoc.GetChildNodes(NodeType.Paragraph, true))


Response.Write( p.ParagraphFormat.Style.Name + " *---* " + p.GetText() + "



John Tan


It should all work fine. Styles and style names for paragraphs work correctly for us. If you attach your document to the post we will be able to provide a more useful answer.