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Parcels of land with owners

Dear team, after some evaluating, I think I have found what I was looking for. Great product! My goal is to read existing layers from GML or create my own, representing parcels of land. Each one has unique number and must be linked to one or multiply persons as owners. Some persons can own multiply parcels of land. Persons are listed in separate GML file without Geometry. What would be the best way to link parcels and persons and export to Shapes? Thanks in advance.

Thank you, we’re glad you like our product!
Could you please attach an example of the GML files?

Importing GML data into layer works well. Construction of such GML files is complicated, they are linked through four files. Besides that, the data are confidential, please understand.
Practically, can I create database table with persons without geography and use some index to select them clicking on parcel?
Next question, are FeatureAttribute fields limited by size and encoding?

Aspose.GIS has no built-in support for joining attributes of layers based on an attribute value. It’s possible to join layers manually by searching for matching values in each layer, but it will be slow.

Another thing to consider is that the Shapefile format can store only one value for each attribute of a feature. Because of that, if you need to associate several owners with one feature, the values have to be combined into a string, and stored in an attribute of type String.

Limits for FeatureAttribute values depend on the target format. For example, GeoJSON does not impose any limits, whereas Shapefile limits String attribute values to 255 bytes, i.e. 255 ASCII characters and less than that for multibyte encodings such as UTF-8.

Dear Team, thank you for your answers. I will have to build my own queries using some GIS application, like QGIS. Nevertheless, your application is GREAT in order to create shapes out of different sources and with luxury of using preferred programming language. Thanks a lot and have a nice day.