Paring Header Error!


I get the following error when trying to call PDFConverter.DoConvert() or PDFExtractor.DoExtract() on the attached PDF file: 'Paring header error'

This happens with any of my test PDF files.


Should also say I am using the stream versions of the functions, having opened the file with:


Also, am using VS2003, VB.Net, Aspose.Pdf.Kit

Thanks for considering Aspose.

We will check out this pdf document and give you a reply soon.

Dear caustin,
Thank you for considering Aspose.
We have tested the attached pdf file using list code and have no problem:

Dim converter As PdfConverter = New PdfConverter()
Dim filestream As FileStream = New FileStream(path + \Image Only - JPEG2000.pdf",FileMode.Open)
converter.SavaAsTIFF(path + “\51705\Image Only - JPEG2000.tiff”)

You can try it, or you can post your code here.

Best Regards.


Have discovered what the problem was, the stream wasn't at the beginning (I was doing some other Aspose PDF stuff before).

However, now it is working, the images produced appear to be blank pages!

Does Aspose.PDF.Kit support JPEG200 images or other compression schemes in a PDF, such as Group 3, Group 4, JBig2, etc?


In current version of Aspose.Pdf.Kit , we only support the simplest image format such as BMP and JPEG with simple codes. We are now trying to support more formats and more compression schemes and these may spend serval months.

Best Regards.

Hi! Has there been any change in this area? I particularly need support for JBIG2 encoding.

Hi Levente,

In our recent versions we have supported different compression types while using SaveAsTIFF method. Please download the latest version and try it at your end to see if it works for you.

If you have any further questions, please do let us know.