Congrats for new version 22.9, I see here:

When I click on Download button, I’ll get:
First, 22.8 and not 22.9, second, I’m inside the .NET build tab, but giving out the Java build?

When converting Mbox to Pst:
MailStorageConverter.MboxMessageOptions.PrefferedTextEncoding = Nothing
Will apply no encoding or default encoding or what else?
Actually asking about setting it to Nothing vs Encoding.Default.

And finally, when we face a message with winmail.dat attachment, how to find if it’s a normal message that user attached a winmail.dat to it or it’s an Outlook/Exchange message which should be parsed and processed, technically possible?

If we’re sure it’s sent by Outlook/Exchange and plain text version is not what we need, we’ll need to parse the TNEF and:

Import the message body with inline attachments from richbody.rtf and have it as Eml / HTML
Add the rest of encapsulated outline files as an attachment to the resulting EML
Is there any code snipper to process?

  • This can have 2 routes:
  1. A message with TNEF attachment: so we load the message, parse TNEF, replace richbody.rtf with message body, add other non-inline attachments and encapsulated items as normal attachments to the loaded message.
  2. A winmail.dat is all we have: create a new MailMessage, parse TNEF, add richbody.rtf to message body, add other non-inline attachments and encapsulated items as normal attachments to the created message.

At least any internal method to convert richbody.rtf to a (base64 resources encoded) HTML version?

We have not found this issue at our end. Please download Aspose.Email for .NET 22.9 (Dlls only).

You can also get Aspose.Email for .NET 22.9 from NuGet.

Please share your input MBOX and output PST along with complete code example that you are using for investigation.

Not asking about a specific file, just wanted to know that setting:
to Nothing vs Encoding.Default will have what differences?

The default value of LoadOptions.PrefferedTextEncoding is Nothing. You need to set this value according to your requirement either it is Encoding.Default or other value.