Part 2

I just sent an email with a slideshow, but only one of the slideshows made it. I am sending the template slide used to create the 2 middle slides now…

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Dear pkrouse,

You should first clone the slide into from your template ProductTemplate.ppt presentation into your new presentation and then do processing on the newly cloned slide.


//Your template
Presentation template = new Presentation(new FileInputStream("d:\\downloads\\ProductTemplate.ppt"));

//Your target
Presentation target = new Presentation();

//Slide to be cloned
Slide sldToBeCloned = template.getSlideByPosition(1);

//Newly cloned slide from template into target
Slide newlyClonedSld = template.cloneSlide(sldToBeCloned, 1, target, new TreeMap());

//Do processing on newlyClonedSld


I have cloned the slide and used Aspose.Slides for JAVA and did not get any empty titles problem. If your problem is still not solved then please provide me your source code to reproduce this problem.