Passing Parameters to Aspose.Word


I am evaluating Aspose.Word and I need to know if there is a way to pass a parameter to Aspose.Word.

For example, depending on who is the logged on person, a different division would need to be put in the title or sometimes a column title would read slightly different.

If I need to be a little more clear, let me know. If you think of Crystal, you can specify parameters and pass them in.

Also, is there anytype of “drilldown” functionality? Such as a hyperlink on a certain person’s SSN that would pass a parameter(SSN) to a Document containing the individual’s personal data.

Thanks for all your help.



Never mind on the passing parameters…I should have checked all the demos…my fault.

But still question on the ability to set a link to another document passing a parameter.




Sorry, I’m not exactly sure what sort of drill down capability you want to achieve.

If you want to insert a hyperlink, use DocumentBuilder.InsertHyperlink method. You can insert a link to a bookmark in this document or a URL to another document.