Passing through HTML



My database fields contain HTML tags, like these:

  • John Doe exhibits a wonderful set of values.

  • He makes fact-based decisions.

Is there a nifty way to insert this data into a Word document as a bulleted list that it is intended to be?

(I can think of a fairly tidious way of doing this by parsing the HTML into individual
  • elements, then creating a dataset with those and merging it to a field positioned with a boolet in front of it. There must be a more straight-forward way to do this.)

    Thank you.

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    It is not possible to insert HTML yet. We will do this, but only in a few months time.

    However, it will be possible to create lists inside a document programmatically using DocumentBuilder soon, in the next release.

    The approach you suggest will work and it is probably the most pratical way for now. You need to use a repeatable merge region for this. Even when DocumentBuilder supports creating lists you still will need to parse your HTML into individual

  • items.

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    Thanks, that worked.

    Overall, I am very impressed with this product, as well as with your support. I will keep your products in mind for future projects.