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PDB Files for Aspose words and cells


I am a paid customer and would like to know where to download PDB files for Aspose Words and Cells.

I am getting a lot of null reference exceptions from our object which is big and complex. It is getting really difficult to see which Property of which class the error occurs from.

Thank you


Thanks for your query.

Well, we provide Aspose APIs in compiled format (Dlls, etc.) and do not sell source codes. Also, Aspose APIs do not produce PDB files. If you still want PDB files, I think you may try some relevant tools (you may browse internet) which can generate PDB files from Dlls (assemblies).

We recommend you should debug your code by yourselves to fix it. By the way, you may also create separate threads with details and samples in respective forums if you find any issue with Aspose APIs (and not due to your code), we will check it soon.

I am not asking for source code. I am asking for symbol files so that I can see the stack trace where this is occurring.

I have no interest in decompiling your assembly to look at source code. I want to look at stack trace when exception is thrown.

I would not need it if your Aspose Dlls actually threw more meaningful exceptions (where it asserted and gave a bit more context as to what is null) than null reference exception.

I think your recommendation is not good enough.


I am afraid, we do not provide means to produce PDB files. Anyways, we will further evaluate and get back to you soon.


We are very sorry but we cannot provide the pdb files. There are too many information about source codes. Please provide sample projects or the exception stack traces, we will check and help you through.

$exception|{“Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”}|System.NullReferenceException|


Stack Trace: " at \u0002 .\u0002 ​ \u0002()\r\n at \u0002 .\b ​ \u0002(\b \u0002, Object \u0003, Object \u0005, IDictionary \b)\r\n at \b .\u0002(\b \u0002, IDictionary \u0003)\r\n at \u000f .\b ​ \u0002(\b \u0002, Object \u0003, Object \u0005, IDictionary \b)\r\n at \b .\u0002(\b \u0002, IDictionary \u0003)\r\n at \u000f .\u000f ​ \u0002(\b \u0002)\r\n at \u000e .\u0002(String[] \u0002, Object[] \u0003, \u000e \u0005, \b \b)\r\n at Aspose.Words.Reporting.ReportingEngine.BuildReport(Document document, Object[] dataSources, String[] dataSourceNames)\r\n at WordReportGenerator.GenerateReport(Object reportData, ReportRequest reportRequest)


Thanks for the stack trace.

Please also provide your input document and code example (runnable) to evaluate your issue precisely. We will investigate the issue and update you soon.