PDF-A Compliant (Aspose.PDF .NET)

i converted PDF file with evaluation version of ASPOSE.PDF.dll, when validate with “Agenzia delle Entrate” validator get this message:

The document contains elements unsuitable for long-term conservation

This problem is generated because i use the evaluation version?
Why the validator get this message?



Could you please share a bit more details about validator you are using to validate PDF/A compliance. Also, please share your sample PDF document along with the details of PDF/A format which you are trying to generate. We will test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.

the validator used is exposed by “Agenzia delle Entrate”, Italian national governmental entity, here major details:

Attach the PDFA used TEST_PDF.pdf (76.3 KB)



Thank you for sharing the file.

Please also share the code snippet so that we know which compliance format are you working and testing with, and investigate further accordingly.

Moreover, we follow Adobe Preflight for validating PDF/A conformance because [different validation tools give different results](http://wiki.opf-labs.org/display/SPR/PDFA+Validation+tools+give+different+results) so Adobe being at the center of everything connected to PDF, is a reliable option to choose among others.