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Pdf and xfa frms

i am using aspose.pdf.kit to maipulate xfaforms using form. here is a sample ..

form form = new form(path + "sf.pdf", path + "sfout.pdf");

after modificiations i am getting following errors on the mmodified pdf.

this document contained certain rights to enable special features in adobe reader.
the document has been chnaged since it was createdand these rights are no longer
valid. please contact the author for the original author of this document.

any ideas will be helpful ..

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Thank you for considering Aspose.

Can you please provide the original pdf and let us check it?

Here is the original pdf. Thanks for your help.


Thanks for considering Aspose.

I've tested it with Aspose.Pdf.Kit, and also made some basic operations such as "Move form..." and "Open form" with the result pdf. But I am not able to reproduce the error.

Please elaborate that in which steps you get the error.


The error come when you try to open the resulting pdf file. Here is what I had ...

public class FormXfaTest {
//Set the test pdf file's path here:
static String path = "d:\\java\\epm\\pdf\\";

public static void main(String[] args) {
try {
String[] s1 ;
Form form = new Form(path + "sf.pdf", path + "sfout.pdf");
catch (Exception ex) {



Clicking on sfout.pdf..It gives the error mentioned above.



Yes, the error messages can be founded when using Adobe Reader. But it is no problem open the pdf with Adobe Acrobat Professional.

We'll keep researching on this incompatible issue. But I am afraid that it could not be resolved in short time, since the inner security features of PDF is involved with (moreover, the compatible issues are always headache).

Anyway, we'll notify you in this post if we could find the solution.