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PDF annotation using mvc .net

Hi There
I am evaluating Aspose.Pdf. My requirements are I want my users to be able to annotation / markup inside PDF, multiple users can do that at one time in my web application.
I want to save these markups ( text comments ) inside my database along with current user and current page of the document.
The html page (MVC view ) displaying the PDF viewer, would be showing list of comments by different users that were added inside PDF file. I want comments inside PDF ( in viewer ) to highlight comment when user clicks on that comment in the list on my html page.
Is It possible with Aspose.Pdf ?

Secondly, when the same file would be accessed by multiple users at the same time, would that cause any problem of file getting corrupted or anything like that ? Aspose takes care of this issue ?

Thanks for your help


Thanks for posting your inquiry.

Please note that we at Aspose provides file formats APIs which are specialized to deal with different file formats. You may definitely use Aspose.PDF for .NET in order to create and modify PDF documents in your application. However, I am afraid that we do not provide any tool or PDF Viewer but APIs which can be used in the back end/code of the application.

Furthermore, you may please check Groupdocs Viewer one of our ventures which seems suitable for your requirement to view/display PDF documents in MVC Application.

Please note that Aspose.PDF is multi-threaded safe as long as one PDF document is accessed by one thread. In other words, you can only process one PDF document in one thread. Accessing single PDF document simultaneously through more than one threads/users may cause unexpected results like loss of data and corrupted document.

If so is the case, you can create multiple copies of a document and use import/export annotation feature of the API to add all annotations in a single PDF document later. In case of any further inquiry, please feel free to let us know.

Thanks for your reply Asad. I fully understand it is an API, infact I have used Aspose.Cell and ppt. The purpose of the details in my question was that I want to create a viewer that shows the PDF document and communicates with my container html page.

Is this possible using Aspose.Pdf or not ?


Thanks for getting back to us.

As far as creating a custom PDF viewer using Aspose.PDF is concerned, you may achieve it by converting PDF pages into images and display those images in a HTML Canvas or Frame. For further information regarding PDF to Image conversion, please visit “Convert PDF Pages” article(s) in our API documentation. In case of any further inquiry, please feel free to contact us.