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PDF component requirements

Hi there,

I am looking for a .NET component that will allows me to build a Visual program in VS2015 which will create customized PDF fillable forms. The resulting forms need to contain an image box where a handwritten signature can be drawn (as opposed to a PFX cert-based signature). The forms must also contain a “Submit” button which, when clicked, will send the information entered into the form to a web server, including the aforementioned signature. It should be possible to fill out the PDF forms on computers, tablets and cell phones. Can Aspose.PDF meet all these requirements?

Thank you!


Aspose.PDF for .NET API is a class library project, and you can add reference of Aspose.PDF for .NET DLL in your .NET applications. Aspose.PDF for .NET API helps to create forms from scratch, and PdfFileSignature class can specify a signature image. You can also set a submit button to post data to an external web page. Please refer to these help topics: Working with Form Fields, Add Digital Signature in a PDF File, and Set Submit Button URL in an Existing PDF File

Besides this, you can get a 30 day temporary license for the testing purposes only. A temporary license is a time-restricted full license that lets you test every aspect of the API before buying it. Please download and try the latest version 18.5 of Aspose.PDF for .NET API and also refer to these help topics: Get a 30 day Temporary License and Apply License to Aspose.PDF for .NET API

Thanks for your response.

However, upon reading the help topics carefully, it would appear that the PdfFileSignature class can only specify a digital signature as per the Adobe definition, meaning that it requires a digital certificate. If such is the case, then this does not meet my requirements.

The intent is to send the resulting PDF fillable forms by email to ordinary people who do not know what a digital certificate is and do not have one. The PDF fillable form must be user-friendly and allow end-users to simply draw something with a finger or a stylus on the screen in an imagebox on the PDF form.

So, using Aspose.PDF, can I add a blank image field in a PDF form where users can draw something in it and where I can extract the image data?



You can use the floating box to place an image signature anywhere in the PDF document. The floating box accepts absolute positioning rather than flow layout (Top left to Bottom right) on the page. As a workaround, Top, Left, Bottom and Right properties can be used to adjust the position of a floating box. Please try the code as follows:

string dataDir = @"C:\Pdf\test829\";
Aspose.Pdf.Document pdf = new Aspose.Pdf.Document();
//Create a floating box to contain the image
Aspose.Pdf.FloatingBox imagebox = new FloatingBox();
//Set the width/height of the floating box(container)
//The same as the image’s width and height
imagebox.Width = 200;
imagebox.Height = 300;
//Positioning the box
imagebox.Left = 100;
imagebox.Top = 250;
//Add the image into the box
Aspose.Pdf.Image img = new Aspose.Pdf.Image();
img.File = "C:/pdf/test832/icon.png";
img.FileType = ImageFileType.Unknown;
Aspose.Pdf.Page page = pdf.Pages.Add();

This is the ZIP of output PDF and image: (6.8 KB)

Thanks again for the response. However, the code that you provided adds a pre-existing image which is available on the disk at the moment of the creation of the PDF form. But that’s not what we need. Let me explain again.

We need to create a PDF fillable form which contains a blank image field. Once the PDF form is created, we send it by email to client as an email attachment. The client opens the attachment and documents the fields of the PDF form (name, address, telephone, etc.) and draws something in the image field. Of course, for all I know, the client could draw a happy-face in the image field but the intent is for him to provide his hand-drawn signature. Once the client is finished, he clicks on the Submit button.

Can Aspose.PDF meet this requirement?



Please create a sample PDF document manually and define a blank image field, and then send us this PDF document. We will investigate your scenario in our environment, and share our findings with you.