PDF Concatenation issues


I have two issues using Aspose.PDF.Kit ( when producing PDF documents using the IRS W-9 form.

From the W-9 template some of the formfields are populate from the a database, then I’m concatenating several W-9 documents, that are saved in MemoryStreams, into a single output PDF file. When opening the output file the following error / warning is displayed in Adobe Reader (7.0.3)

"You cannot save data typed into this form. Please print your completed form if you would like a copy for your records."

Also as the output file consists of several W-9 documents from the same template, when editing any of the W-9 documents by entering data into formfields, the same information appears across all the W-9 documents. Is there away around the issue of having formfield names unique throughout the output file ?

NOTE: These errors only occurs when there are multiple W-9 documents in the same output file.

Appreciate assistance with my two issues.

I have posted the code segment below:

Dim editor As PdfFileEditor = New PdfFileEditor

Dim inStreams2(5) As MemoryStream

Dim i As Integer = 0

For i = 0 to 5

Dim inStream As MemoryStream = New MemoryStream

Dim form As Form = New Form(docpath, inStream)

'Save the changes.


inStreams2(i) = New MemoryStream



i = i + 1


editor.Concatenate(inStreams2, outStream)


Dear talisman_energy,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Could you please attatch your test pdf here, so we can reproduced the error.


Created another thread instead of replying to this thread. Anyway, here is the file again…


Could you please post your pdf files between Form.Save() and editor.Concatenate()? Did these files occur the error message:“You cannot save data typed into this form. Please print your completed form if you would like a copy for your records.” when opening in Acorbat Reader?


For your first question "... post your pdf files between ...", I don't understand what you are asking as the form.save "file" is only in memory.

As for your second question, yes, the error message is displayed when opening the pdf file in Acrobat.


I means that I need the input files(streams) for Concatenate’s parameter. But I doesn’t need now, I have got two now and I have reproduced this bug in my machine. I will try to fix it in about 3~5 days.


It's been almost 2 weeks and there's still no fix available, anyone have a date when the fix will be available ?


We are now trying hard to fix this problem, a hotfix will be released soon.

Thanks for your patience.


I noticed you have released a PDF Kit hot fix, the release notes refer to two reported issues, but not ours. Does the hot fix address our issues as well ?


The latest hotfix doesn't contain your issue. We have meet some technology problem and are trying hard to fix this problem now.


The latest version of Aspose.Pdf.Kit 2.1.0 has been released and your requirements have been implemented. Please refer to http://www.aspose.com/Community/blogs/tommy.wang/archive/2006/06/13/50318.aspx

Best regards.