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PDF Conversion fails after 4 pages and kills the appdomain process without exception

As the title says: the rendering of a PDF causes the appdomain to crash and exit.
We have seen this with multiple PDF’s but I have included one.

The internal error is something like “Path conversion requested -266157056 bytes”

I have created a sample that can be downloaded from here.

We are about to walk away from using this product and look at another vendor.


The issue that you are using evaluation version and it is limited by that. Please try using the licensed version and it will render all PDF pages for you.

image.png (55.4 KB)

No. We DO have a licensed version, but I am not posting our license in my sample.
The issue I reported is real and reproducable (in our production environment).


Can you please confirm that if in your production environment the output that you obtain has watermark inside that as shown in image below? If this is the case then it clearly means that in your production environment the license is not getting applied and for that reason you are being restricted to 4 pages rendering only.

Otherwise, if you see no watermark in generated output and yet only 4 pages are being rendered then please share the production environment details with us whereby you have been able to reproduce it.

image.jpg (334.5 KB)