PDF documents created using AsposePDF 8.3 are not opening in DocHub


We are currently licensed to AsposePDF 8.3.0 version and it is working fine in the current production application that is developed using .Net Framework 4.7.

Recently we have upgraded our application to .Net Core 8.0 and we are still using AsposePDF 8.3.0 library. We are able to generate the PDF documents using this library and can open these files from filesystem but when we upload to the generated PDF to DocHub service, we cannot open these files from there.
May I know if the AsposePDF 8.3.0 is still supported on .net Core 8.0

May I know if this library still supports .Net Core 8.0 or i

No, it is quite older version which is out of support and certainly it does not support .NET 8.0.

You can use Aspose.PDF for .NET under .NET 6/7 and support for .NET 8.0 is already on the way. We are continuously working on adding this support. The task is logged as PDFNET-56145 in our issue management system which is attached to this forum thread as well. As soon as we make some progress towards its resolution, we will update you. Please spare us some time.