Pdf.Kit.Lic not valid for pdf.dll

We are trying to upgrade to the Aspose.PDF.dll from the Aspose.PDF.Kit.dll that we have been using for years.

I have referenced the new dll, but when I try Aspose.SetLicense with our old kit license, I receive the exception: "The license is not valid for this product"

I had read on the Aspose site that the Kit license should still work for the new merged dll.
Is that not accurate?


Hi David,

Thanks for contacting support.

Yes you are correct. Aspose.Pdf.Kit has been discontinued as separate product and all its classes and enumerations are merged into Aspose.Pdf.Facades namespace of Aspose.Pdf for .NET API. However the merge occurred in July-2011 and its been quite sometime since Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET has been discontinued as separate API. So I think you might be using a quite old release of Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET and its license may not be validated with latest release of Merged Aspose.Pdf for .NET version.

However in order to test the scenario, we request you to please share the license file by following instructions specified over How to send a license?

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing the license file.

I have tested the scenario and have observed that license file cannot be used with latest release of Aspose.Pdf for .NET because it has an expiry date of 15June2009. Furthermore, we suggest you to please download the latest release of Aspose.Pdf for .NET 10.5.0 and request a 30 days temporary license, so that you can evaluate the new release without any limitations.

Should you have any further query, please feel free to contact.