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Hi to Oleg and Co

I am reviewing the pdf file size and method of pdf file viewing across the internet via a dial-up modem. I have got the file size down to a maximum of 130Kb but I would like to be able to see the document at the client end as soon as the first page has arrived as compared to when the entire file has arrived.

After reviewing the Adobe web site I found a section (http://www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/328355.html) that talked about optimizing pdf files for page-at-a-time downloading also known as byte-serving. This is a preference setting in Acrobat 6.x

Opening an original pdf, 129Kb in Adobe Acrobat and saving it as Optimised for fast web view produced a file of 104Kb in size. I have attached these example files.

Is this optimisation able to be performed in Aspose.Pdf? if not have you considered adding it to Aspose.Pdf?.

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Hi again

and here is the second pdf file.

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Thank you very much for your suggestion. I think this is a useful feature and I will study this issue to see if it is possible to be supported in Aspose.Pdf.


Thanks Tommy

I look forward to hearing as to how you get on with this request as I am sure that other users serving pdf’s generated on the fly over the web will be interested.

Best regards

Ralph Price AKA GIS_Analyst


Hi Tommy,

Been able to do Linearization and Optimization on your PDF’s with Apose.Pdf would be a great feature as I’m currently using another piece of software to do this and would prefer just to use your one.
Files sizes drop from 9.5mb down to 427kb in some cases.
I can send you examples if you want.



Dear Toby,

Thank you very much for your help. Please send your example to Tommy.Wang@aspose.com.


Hi Tommy

did Toby send you a file to examine?
Does this look like a possible enhancement?


Ralph Price AKA GIS_Analyst


I have not received the file from Toby and I have not got time to study this issue. I have to study this issue next month.


I’ve sent the files through to you. Hope it helps
If you need more just let me know.


Hi Tommy

I was wondering if you have had any chance to look at this web optimisation of the pdf that is generated?

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Ralph Price

Licenced user of Aspose.Pdf / Chart / Word


Dear Ralph,

Sorry for replying to you late. We have studied this issue and found we can't support this in short time. We will notify you when we have made exact plan.


Hi Tommy

just thought I would check again as to progress of this enhancement.

I am sure that this would be useful to a lot of users.

Sorry to sound like a stuck record. (or should that now be a skipping CD?)

Best regards

Ralph Price (GIS_Analyst)

Licenced user of Aspose.Word/Chart/Pdf


Dear Ralph,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Here is my plan for this issue:

1) Reduce the PDF file size generated by Aspose.Pdf. We need to find the bottleneck and remove the garbage and redundant objects. As you can see, when the redundant image objects are removed in Aspose.Pdf, the file size is largely reduced. Please report files that you think is too large to me and help me to find the current bottleneck.

2) We will add the optimize function into our Aspose.Pdf.Kit product. The features include linearizing PDF file, clearing garbage and redundant objects from PDF file. But I can't give the date when these features can be available.