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I am evaluating several .NET PDF Components including this one.
One of the features we are looking for is the ability to load existing PDF Documents (Templates) and add to them.
Basically commonly used forms are already saved as a pdf file and we want to be able to load one or more of these forms, Draw Text/Graphics to it (i.e. from Database records) and save them as a single pdf file.
Can Apose.pdf accomplish this?

Also, We must be able to run on Windows 98 Machines. Some other components have issues with Windows 98.

Thank YOu,


Dear phether,

Thanks for your consideration.

Currently, Aspose.Pdf does not support loading existing PDF documents and changing them.

We will support this function in the future.


Basically commonly used forms are already saved as a pdf file and we want to be able to load one or more of these forms, Draw Text/Graphics to it (i.e. from Database records) and save them as a single pdf file.

We are currently finishing previously planned features, such as security, custom fonts, and cell width, which will be available this week or early next week.

After that, we will address the template issue you are mentioning. I believe this feature will be available in July or early August. Would that be too late for your needs? Please let me know.


July/August will probably be too late for us as we are already late on this project. We had a system in place and working and then found out it doesn’t work on Win98 machines right before we were going to release.

I will check back next month though as things are always changing and we always have new releases pending.



Dear Paul,

I will publish the exact delivery time here once it can be decided.


Hi Ben,
Thanks, I will keep checking regularly.



Hi there,

I am a little confused, the posts in this thread seem to stretch from September 02 through to today…

I have exactly the same requirements as phether - I need to be able to create the PDF from a template… Also I need to be able to batch print the PDFs as the process will print out invoices overnight.

Could you confirm if Aspose.PDF can perform these tasks, if not will they be included in a future release, if so, when will that be released?

thanks in advance,


Sorry - ignore the confusion about the dates of the posts - I read the date joined as the date posted… d’oh!



Dear matt,

Thanks for your consideration.

At least I know how urgently demanded the template feature is!

By the way, as requested by Frank Kwong, from asp-db, we will implement some really cool features based on the template. I quote Frank’s comments here:

My question is that it is necessary to “draw” the entire form using the API one section at a time and seems like if I have a table of values, the API will also convert that to pdf - all great. Now many times, if the pdf template is already made in the format of -

Product = [[ Aspose]] 'right justify
Name = [[Ben Li ]] 'left justify

These templates are usually not controlled by the programmers but by the business owner (different department). The only thing need to be done is to substitute the [[Aspose]] and [[Ben Li]] with another values to create another report. Is there any way to accomplish that using Aspose.pdf? If user have to be re-drawn the pdf forms using the API every time it changes, then it would not be as efficient as you can see.


We have implemented something like this in our PDF application. It works by using an XML file to represent the data, and an XSLT to transform the data into a second XML file of the type used by Aspose PDF. As a final step, we use the API to merge some additional user-data before generating the final PDF, similar to a Word mail-merge type process.

This works great for us, because the users can edit the data in terms they understand (albeit in XML, which requires some technical ability - as a later project we may make an application that lets the users edit the base XML data file using more friendly tools).

Through this method we have achieved separation of data from format, which makes maintenance a breeze. We are already working on another similar XSLT and XML data file for a related project.


Dear Steve,

I believe you are a guru of Aspose.Pdf so I really hope you can share your experience with other Aspose.Pdf customers: they do need help using Aspose.Pdf!

So, my questions are:

Would you like to write a featured demo or a technical article about what you have done?

Does Aspose Partners Program work for you? If not, please advise.