PDF to doc issue with skip some pages

Hello i am converting PDF to doc by following code

DocSaveOptions options = new DocSaveOptions();
doc.save(pathR + File.separator + Fname + “.” + format, options);

but can not converted all pages (Doc output file ) (It converted only few of pages already purchased API )
I attached file

  1. Eula for Aryson (1).pdf (581.9 KB)
    it not converted 3rd pages
  2. the_little_prince1(aa password).pdf (707.1 KB)
    It only converted 1 page (aa is password of this file )



I can not reproduce the issue with latest version so can you please upgrade and share your feedback. Eula for Aryson.zip (972.3 KB)

Actually problem with the Ms doc exe it no showing all pages in my system but some other system getting all pages . sorry for this issue .
Thank you very much