PDF to HTML conversion leads to smaller text and images view in the browser

I am trying to convert a PDF document to HTML . The HTML page looks smaller (in half of the screen) in browser. Is there any way can zoom-in the page by embedding some CSS from java code.

Could you please provide PDF document and code sample?

Please find the attached PDF and converted HTML for your reference.

Also please suggest how to remove Page number(or Footer) from the converted HTML.

Sample Code -

    // Managing Images folder inside PDF
  Document pdfDoc = new Document("C:\\Users\\pushk\\TestDir\\testReportPdf.pdf");
    HtmlSaveOptions htmlSaveOptions = new HtmlSaveOptions();
    htmlSaveOptions.setFontSavingMode( FontSavingModes.AlwaysSaveAsTTF);
    htmlSaveOptions.setSpecialFolderForSvgImages( "C:\\Users\\pushk\\TestDir\\webLayout\\ImageSavePath");

    // Using Java PDF to HTML export via Save method

testReportPdf.pdf (291.3 KB)
webLayout.zip (354.7 KB)

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