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PDF to HTML examples?


I’m interested in your product, but I need to evaluate the ability to convert PDFs into HTML - and I was bit surprised you don’t have any examples of conversion process or output on your website.

Can you point me to examples?



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Hi Damian,

Can you please share which development platform are you using? This will help us sharing related links with you. You can also check REST and SDK examples at and respectively. Working how-to samples can be downloaded from

Best Regards,
Muhammad Ijaz
Support Developer, Saaspose Sialkot Team

I'm interested in Rails for the development side - and for your tools
for converting PDF to HTML - but I want to see the quality of the
conversion. Can you forward links to this?



> Support <>
> Tuesday, December 11, 2012 5:24 AM

Hi Damian,

You can sign up for a free trial account, download saaspose_common.rb from and use this example to convert PDFs to HTML or other supported formats.

You can also download our RUBY SDK from and use the following code:

require 'saasposesdk'


appSID = '3395ba5c-3442*********************'
appKey = 'e8dd1b027459*********************',appKey)

test ="test.pdf")
test.convert_local_file("E:\\test.pdf", "", "html")

If you want us to convert your samples, please attach your samples and we will send you the output HTML.

Best Regards,
Muhammad Ijaz
Support Developer, Saaspose Sialkot Team

Hi Damian,

Did the suggestion from our support team helped? Have you started working with the Saaspose APIs? Do you need any further assistance? If you any help, please do let us know. We'll be glad to help you.

Thanks & Regards
Shahzad Latif
Saaspose Support Team.