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PDF to image conversion of a page with an image with thin lines


we are using code like in to extract the first page of a PDF and convert it to an image (that is later scaled).

Do you know about issues that the extracted image has very poorly visible lines if the lines in the original pdf are rather thin? The lines are shown in a light gray color, not black anymore.

Is there a way to improve or control that? Eventually via setting the resolution or tweaking the RenderingOptions? Any docu on that?

Thanks a lot for any advice,


Can you please possibly share the used source code along with source file and generated image for reference so that I may investigate the issue further on my end.


thanks for your quick response.
I realized that the real problem was the scaling afterwards - the conversion from PDF to JPEG itself is fine.

This thread can be closed.

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Thanks for your feedback. Please feel free to create a new topic in case you need further assistance.