PDF Using - XML vs. API


Can you tell me which would be easy way to develop PDF report using ASPOSE...using APIs or first build XML in ASPOSE format and generate PDF from that.

My application data is in a object, I'm planning to take them into XML and then use XSLT to convert it to format as expected by ASPOSE PDF and then generate the PDF.

I did not see enough documentation on building PDF using XML.

Please advice which one would be a good way, XML or API.

N Venkat


Thank you considering Aspose.

Both of the task are very easy. If you are a beginner then I would suggest to have used API’s initially. Please refer to:


For details, please check the following link:




I want to add more comment. Basically Xml is easy to use but it is designed for static data. For your application, the data is stored in a object, you’d better generate the Pdf using Api. You can use Xml+API. You can add the static data such as report header into xml and add dynamic data at runtime. You can also refer to our NorthWind demos.