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PDF Version When Saving .Doc/Docx File as .Pdf using Aspose.Words

We are using Aspose.Words to do a mail merge on a .docx file (originally created in Word 2016) and then using Aspose.Words to save the file to .pdf. This resulting .pdf file is then sent to another part of our company for printing via their particular software, where it’s converted to .afp format and printed.

However, we’re seeing color issues, where colors are not correct, with the print output after the .afp conversion and printing. Viewing the .pdf on the PC, after it’s mail merged and saved, looks fine. It’s also fine when printed directly by us, before it’s converted to .afp format and printed by our other department.

So I’ve been tasked with looking at different .pdf SaveOptions because our other department is not seeing these color issues with previous .pdf files. I’ve created multiple .pdf files, each with a different SaveOption property set, and we’re in the process of seeing how those print out.

One thing I was wondering was if it was possible to specify the version of .pdf file when saving to .pdf with Aspose.Words. We are currently using Aspose.Words v14.5 (license has expired) and this produces a .pdf file with PDF Version v1.5. I’ve also created .pdf files with Aspose.Words v17.12 (the newest we have access to) and this also produces a .pdf for PDF Version v1.5.

Can we save to different .pdf versions or this v1.5 hardcoded as the PDF version when saving via Aspose.Words? Thank you very much for any assistance!

Adam T. Carlson
Software Developer
RevSpring, Inc.

So we’ve ran through our .pdf files, created with different SaveOptions properties set, and one in particular has colors that come out close to what we need.

The setting is “ImageColorSpaceExport” set to “Cmyk”. This setting applies to images, as far as I understand…

Is there some setting or option, when saving to .pdf using Aspose.Words, that uses Cmyk color for the entire document, not just images? There’s borders (non-images) in our document that still have the wrong color so it seems like if we could use Cmyk color for the entire .pdf document, we’d be close.

Hope this makes sense. Thank you!


You may use PdfSaveOptions.Compliance property for this purpose:

Document doc = new Document("D:\\temp\\Sample.docx");

PdfSaveOptions opts = new PdfSaveOptions();
opts.Compliance = PdfCompliance.PdfA1a;

doc.Save("D:\\Temp\\18.6.pdf", opts);

We have logged this requirement in our issue tracking system. The ID of this issue is WORDSNET-17065. We will further look into the details of this problem and will keep you updated on the status of this issue. We apologize for your inconvenience.