PDF Viewer: editable form fields are not aligned

Hi Team,

We are trying to evaluate the HTML5 pdf viewer for form filling application. Now when we load pdf form inside viewer it looks fine, but problem starts when you try to resize the browser window. The all fields gets misplaced elsewhere on page.

Attached 2 screen hot for the same. 1st is original and 2nd one is resized window.
1.PDFViewer.PNG (119.7 KB)
2.PDFViewer_resized.PNG (114.6 KB)



Thanks for contacting support.

Please note that HTML5 PDF Editor is just a sample utility to display PDF in browser and it has been discontinued. It used to convert uploaded PDF documents into PNG and display those PNG files inside HTML canvas.

Furthermore, would you please share your sample PDF document, so that we can test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.

Thanks for the reply, attaching the sample form.form1.pdf (31.0 KB)


Thanks for sharing the document.

As shared earlier, the HTML5 editor is a demonstration application with an intent to exhibit the features currently being offered by API. Now concerning to the issue which you are facing while resizing the browser window, the issue might be related to approach being used to display the document or browser it self. However if your intent is to display the PDF file without compromising the quality/fidelity, you may consider using ViewerAPI of our sister company named Groupdocs.