PDF Viewer for annotations


PDFViewer which is supplied as part of PDFKit supports only view and zoom facilities.
PDF kit has capabilities to do annotations/redaction etc.
Can we write a plugin(s) to PDFViewer to implement the annotations features visually?
Do i get any help from Aspose in doing it?


Hi Sanjeev,

If you use Aspose components in your application, we’ll definitely help you out, in case you need any assistance or find some issues. Nevertheless, can you please elaborate a little bit of what you’re working on? This will help us understand how our component(s) can help you.


Hi Shahzad Latif,

I am going to purchase Aspose Total, currently im in evaluation process.

I am in need of webbased annotations editor for MS office,PDF,JPEF,TIFF documents.

As you know Aspose.Editor do not support annotations, i am looking for one in Aspose PDF Viewer.

Reasons for these expectations from PDF Viewer :

Aspose PDF Kit supports lot of annotation functions through API.

PDF Viewer is the only way through which user can take actions on the document.

So if we can add the functions to the viewer like review/redline,comment,redact etc, then its easy to handle in the background as PDF Kit API already supports it.

So can you guys help me in building these features on top of the PDFViewer?

If not what is the best way i can take it up and develop on my own?

This is the most feature im expecting from an Editor/Viewer.



Hi Sanjeev,

Thank you for sharing the details.

Aspose.Pdf.Kit provides the features not only to view and print a PDF file using PdfViewer class, but also allows you to add various kind of annotations, right out of the box, using PdfContentEditor class. Once you have added the annotations using PdfContentEditor, you can show the PDF file using PdfViewer; then again, the files displayed using PdfViewer are not editable.

Moreover, it is not allowed/feasible to change the existing components at your end. However, you can use our components in your applications to extend the functionality.

I hope this helps. If you find any confusion or have some more questions, please do let us know.



i understand from the PDF Kit documentation that you guys provide it through your API(PDFContentEditor), but here user has to take action on the UI, which is PDFViewer. So additing support to viewer as some tool bar actions makes more sense to annotate on the “what you see is what you get” way.
Otherthan that how do i know that i have to annotate on a particular paragraph?
So do u mean that i cant not add any additional compoenents to viewer(as AddIns) so that this functionality can be provided?
In that case i have to write my own editor keeping the PDF Kit in the background where i support all these functions.
Please suggest which is the best and quickest way.

Hi Sanjeev,

For most of the part of your post, you’re right. As Aspose.Pdf.Kit is not a visual component, rather it works with the PDF files at the back-end, it is not feasible to work in a WYSIWYG way with this component; however, you can use the API to build your application.

Also, as I had mentioned, it is not feasible to add any Add-Ins to the Aspose.Pdf.Kit. Nevertheless, you can write your own editor keeping the Kit in the background; that will be a better option in current scenario. Moreover, PdfViewer allows you to view the PDF files though, these views are not editable; they’re just the static view of the PDF contents.

I hope this helps. If you find any further questions, please do let us know.