PDF Viewer Print Button

Do you provide a PDF Viewer?

Can you customise it?

I want to suppress print options and display a message to users when they click the print button from your viewer (if you have one).

Your web site is disappointing today (not first time either). Searches not working, .net errors on some links, no way to reach support staff, Banckle Chat not responding.

Starting to think that Aspose might not be reliable for what I need. Would prefer to talk to someone when I have problems that I cannot get answers to on your web site.

Even this message box not working on first display of the page.

Using IE8 so pretty certain this not the issue.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your interest in our products and sorry for the delayed response.

PdfViewer provides the capability to print PDF document and you can hide the Print Setting dialog box when printing the PDF document. During PDF printing, you can display any message to user using built in .NET routines. For further details, please visit Printing PDF to an XPS File and Hiding Print Dialog (Facades)

Now concerning to website response, I am afraid recently the server was having issues and we have tried our level best to fix any related/occurring issues. In case you are still facing some problems, please share some further details. We are sorry for your inconvenience.