PDF Viewer - some questions


I have some questions about the PDF viewing feature. I haven’t read the documentation yet, but I just need some quick question/answers.

1. Is it possible do display a pdf document in a winforms application without the need of installing adobe reader?
2. Is it possible to fill in a pdf form and save it or print it the way it is filled?


Hi Iliya,

First of all, I would like to share with you that Aspose.Pdf.Kit only allows you to convert a PDF file to images and then you can view those images using any image control in Windows or Web application. However, we have logged a new feature request as PDFKITNET-19735 in our issue tracking system, which will provide a visual PDF viewer control in our future versions.

Secondly, you can fill a PDF form and save it using Form class of the Aspose.Pdf.Kit. You can also print the PDF file using PdfViewer class. Moreover, you can also flatten all the fields of the PDF form before printing. Please see the following topics as well:

Thank you for your response! It was helpful.