PDF ZIP Attachments - cannot Save Zip Attachment in Adobe Reader


My company has puchased Aspose .NET Total enterprise version.
and we are using Aspose.PDF v21.4.0.

I can create a pdf file with a zip file attachment with success,
but when i open that zip inside the pdf (i.e click on the zip file and select “Save Attachment”)
I get the following error.

"you have selected a file that cannot be exported from adobe acrobat"

I have attached the PDF file.

Can you help?

OBM_123456_SUM_TV_845520012345678_12345678200123_2020-03-22_en.pdf (3.6 MB)


Can you please also share sample code snippet which you used to attach the .zip file in PDF? We will test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.

I have attached the main code snippets.

embed attchments C# code.zip (876 Bytes)


It does not seem to be an issue in the API as Adobe Reader offers this limitation. You can find related threads over Adobe Reader forum where users are unable to open the .zip attachments in the PDF and facing the same error message. For example, please check this post where a user was able to resolve this error by checking transform file for Reader.

Yes you are correct.
ok thank you.

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