Percent Complete & Actual Duration missing for Milestones and Summary Tasks - P6

I have an existing small P6 schedule. When I read the file into Aspose.Tasks and look at the PercentComplete and ActualDuration fields, the values provided do not match values visible in P6 for Summary and Milestone activities.

        string fileName = @"C:\PercentComplete-OR.xer";

        Project m_Project = new Project(fileName);

        ChildTasksCollector m_coll = new ChildTasksCollector();
        TaskUtils.Apply(m_Project.RootTask, m_coll, 0);
        List<Aspose.Tasks.Task> Tasks = m_coll.Tasks;

        foreach (Aspose.Tasks.Task p_Source in Tasks) {
            Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", "Uid", p_Source.Get(Tsk.Uid));
            Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", "Name", p_Source.Get(Tsk.Name));
            Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", "PercentComplete", p_Source.Get(Tsk.PercentComplete));
            Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", "PercentWorkComplete", p_Source.Get(Tsk.PercentWorkComplete));
            Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", "PhysicalPercentComplete", p_Source.Get(Tsk.PhysicalPercentComplete));
            Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", "ActualDuration", p_Source.Get(Tsk.ActualDuration));
            Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", "ActualFinish", p_Source.Get(Tsk.ActualFinish));
            Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", "Type", p_Source.Get(Tsk.Type));

P6View.png (297.5 KB)
SampleProgramOutput.png (19.6 KB) (5.1 KB)


a ticket with ID TASKSNET-10614 has been created to further investigate the issue. This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be notified once the issue will be fixed.

In testing 22.9, it looks like this issue may have been corrected. Is that the case?

yes, we fixed part of the issue in 22.9, but also we are going to release remaining part (fix for PhysicalPercentComplete) in 22.10.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as TASKSNET-10614) have been fixed in this update.