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Performance AND Decision on Client or Server Side Edit Capabilities in ASP.NET 2.0 environment

I am doing POC on Aspose GRID and look for optimum performance on grid control that will contain 12 to 20 data columns and 12 to30000 data rows loaded from an EXCEL file.

The requirement is to provide "excel like edit" capabilities to end user.

But because of intrinsic nature of HTTP + ASP.NET and PostBacks to Server, I am worried about the performance on refresh of the gird after post back and every post back for edit of cell or any other user action on Web Page.

Do you suggest any particular direction for client side edit v/s server side functionality ?

IF preferrence is for client side, are there any Client Side Object Models and ready to use client side functions that will serve the requirements of "providing excel like functions' on ASP.NET Web Page ?

I already have done POC with other products that support the requirements.

Thank you.


Thanks for considering Aspose.

Yes I think Aspose.Grid.Web control can perform all your desired tasks with excellence. We always try to enhance and optimize performance for the most diverse environment. We put extra effort to optimize our code (Class Functions) to improve performance in every respect. There should be no problem with your worksheet 12 to 20 data columns and 12 to30000 data rows loaded from an EXCEL file.

And Aspose.Grid.Web also offers some client-side (javascript) functions and events. For complete list of supported function, please check the Client Side Scripting demos in our online featured demos: http://www.aspose.com/Products/Aspose.Grid/Demos/

Thank you.