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Performance drop after upgrading Aspose.Barcode


Thank you for your great response time for my previous requests!

But I have a new problem. I upgraded my application from Aspose 3.0 to Aspose 4.0 and the performance dropped severely. It now takes 4-times longer to recognize the same barcode images as previous 3.0 version did.

Are there any NEW optimizations that you can suggest?

I currently only enable the reader for the barcode type I am expecting to find, and sometimes I need to search for several supported types and orientations on a page.

My image data is internally generated (not scanned) and so very clean Black-and-white only.

I mostly deal with POSTAL codes, but also DataMatrix and several 1D codes, many times these are at different orientations.

Here are the optimizations that I know about:
a. Image area as small as possible
b. Only select the readers for expected types
c. setup OrientationHints where possible

Can you please suggest any other optimizations?
ScanStrengthHints.Weak perhaps?
Is there a color/greyscale setting that would make it faster?

My customer is not happy, please help.

Thank You


Thank you for inquiry.

ScanStrengthHints.Weak will make the recognition a little faster. Could you please provide some sample images to us for our analysis? You may either post here or zip/send it to me using “Contact” --> “send saqib.razzaq an email”.