Performance Issues inserting tables


We have a C#.Net application that is having performance problems and we've narrowed our search to 2 Aspose.Words calls that taking a majority of the time involved.

The string here is HTML that contains 2 data tables; 1 is 10 columns by 50 rows the other is
11 columns by 20 rows.

The IO.Stream above contains the tables above plus a logo and some additional text.

It seems that the performance is very sensitive to the amount of data being passed in the data tables. We have another app that uses almost the same layout but with about 30% of the data in a single table. That app runs in one fourth of the time. (33 seconds for the long running app, 8 seconds for the faster one).

Any idea where I should begin my troubleshooting on this?

Randy Lindstrom


Please attach the sample html. I will check if optimization is possible.