Performance Issues on formatting methods



I am testing the evaluation version of Aspose.Excel (fix .dll as attached in recent "=FIND" message) and I am experiencing a strange performance behaviour on the integration test environment: the application is really slow when creating an Excel file on the integration test but not when running on my notebook.

Using tracing messages I found out that the most time-consuming instructions are the "formatting" routines, most of all the Worksheet.AutoFitColumn (int columnIndex). It takes 20 seconds to execute the AutoFit for each column of an Excel of about 7300 rows. As the Excels can have as much as 20 columns, the time taken is not acceptable.

Also the other Style application routines are very heavy - in terms of time. This is the way I use them

Range number_format_range=
ws.Cells.CreateRange (
style = excel.Styles[excel.Styles.Add()];
style.Custom = datatype_excel;
number_format_range.Style = style;

Another strange phenomenon is that the Integration test envorinment takes a lot of memory (as much as 110 MByte of RAM), while on my notebook it gets at most to 50 - 60 Mbytes and everything seems normal.

Can you help me to understand where the problem is?

Thank you



Hi Luigi,

AutoFitColumn and style setting are time-consuming method but they shouldn’t be so slow.

Is there any difference in your programs running on your notebook and test machine? What’s the difference in the OS, .NET Framework or other software/hardware configuration?


Hi Laurence,

…got it: the test machine is a Pentium II 399 MHz !!!

(my notebook: Pentium 4 2,66 GHz)

thank you again,