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Performance metrics for Aspose.Word

Are there any available performance testing metrics for Aspose.Word? I would like to have a general idea of the number of documents that can be generated (e.g. per minute for a standard letter), the resultant CPU load, memory usage etc. for a stated server w/config info.

Hi Todd,

Please check out for performance ideas.

Hi Roman,

Could you clarify the information provided at ?

You said the following: "To open, populate and save one letter-like document takes less than one second on PIII 800Mhz machine with 512Mb memory so your 200-500 docs per hour is easily approachable and we can target around 8000 letters per hour on this relatively slow machine. "

If one letter takes less than one second, this translates to greater than 3600 per hour. Could you confirm? Where did the 8000 number come from?

I’d like to suggest that you post on your site specific performance metrics for an average server computer with sufficient memory (i.e. 1 GB), including the number of concurrent clients and the memory and CPU usage.

Your calculations are correct, it just takes significantly less than one second for that particular test document hence a figure higher than 3600.

The performance really depends on the complexity of the document. Tables, images, more formatting - all adds up to CPU cycles and memory consumption. So even if we show exact data for one document it will never be a fair indication for your scenario.

Aspose.Word evolves very dynamically and we not only add new features, but we optimize performance and memory usage from time to time. Last hotfix, for example, features 50% memory usage reduction and there is more to come.

My suggestion really is: try the evaluation version in a simple test project and come back to us if you don’t like the performance. We will promptly look at doing another round of optimizations.


Aspose.Word 1.5 is out with even more performance and speed optimizations. For details of one particular test click here.