PersonalStorage Issue?

For a Gmail ost/pst storage, when I read all items from PersonalStorage by FolderInfo.EnumerateMessages and get MessageInfo…EntryIdString I have the correct MessageClass.
But after PersonalStorage.ExtractMessage to stream and load to MapiMessage, I have different MessageClass.

In my case MessageInfo…EntryIdString will show correctly: IPM.Note.SMIME, IPM.Note.SMIME.MultipartSigned
But MapiMessage.MessageClass will show incorrectly: IPM.Note for both!

My storage: (77.4 KB),

Maybe you are loading to MapiMessage with the MsgLoadOptions.DecodeSignedContent = true ?
Then it’s reasonable, the message is not signed anymore.

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Oh I wasn’t aware of IPM change, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Hello, still confused about this:
Why IPM.Sharing.SMIME changes to IPM.Note after loading with DecodeSignedContent = true.
But IPM.Sharing.SMIME.MultipartSigned will keep its MessageClass?

On the other side, there are encrypted IPM.Note.SMIME items in Sent folder that will keep their MessageClass after loading with DecodeSignedContent = true

So this paradox is making me confused :slight_smile:,

We will investigate it. Hopefully work with EMAILNET-40924 will clarify this. Thanks.

And kindly share any findings about this too :slight_smile:,

I must check it, then I’ll give my reply. Thanks.