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PersonalStorageQueryBuilder problems/questions

I am trying to build a Proof of Concept Desktop application to search a pst for certain criteria, date time sent or received, sender, recipients and or words or phrases in the text.
I tried PersonalStorageQueryBuilder.text.contains(“xxxxx”) and I got an error. Error :text not defined, but it is in the documentation. I switched to “Body” and it works. So what does “Text” do?

Another question, can I use a Regex pattern instead of “contains” for Body searches? If not, what other operators can be used?


Thank you for the issue description.

Could you please share a code snippet that can be used to reproduce the problem?
It will take me some time to answer your questions.


You can use the Body property for queries to a message body only. The Text property can be used for queries to all text properties of a message.

To my regret, there is no way to do that.

Could you please describe a query example for your requirements?

The issues you have found earlier (filed as EMAILNET-40139) have been fixed in this update.