Picture & OleFrame & Picture size(Width and height)

1) Picture & OleFrame:

I am using the following code to capture range of cells as image. Then i add this image as Picture of OleFrame. When I right click both OleFrame and the Picture on top of it, I get different sizes and scales. I want them to be same width, height, scale height%, scale width%.

How can i attempt to fix this?

workbookDesigner.Workbook.Worksheets[0].PageSetup.PrintArea = "A1:C16"; workbookDesigner.Workbook.Worksheets[0].PageSetup.BottomMargin = 0; workbookDesigner.Workbook.Worksheets[0].PageSetup.FooterMargin = 0; workbookDesigner.Workbook.Worksheets[0].PageSetup.TopMargin = 0; workbookDesigner.Workbook.Worksheets[0].PageSetup.LeftMargin = 0; workbookDesigner.Workbook.Worksheets[0].PageSetup.RightMargin = 1 workbookDesigner.Workbook.Worksheets[0].PageSetup.Zoom = 92; Bitmap imgChart = workbookDesigner.Workbook.Worksheets[dataSheetIdx].SheetToImage();

Aspose.Slides.Picture pic = new Aspose.Slides.Picture(pres, imgChart); int picId = pres.Pictures.Add(pic); byte[] chartOleData = new byte[wbStream.Length]; wbStream.Position = 0; wbStream.Read(chartOleData, 0, chartOleData.Length); OleObjectFrame oof = sld.Shapes.AddOleObjectFrame(x, y, slideWidth, slideHeight, "Excel.Sheet.8", chartOleData); oof.PictureId = picId; wbStream.Flush();

2) Picture size(Width and height) on ppt is in inches.

What are the units for Presentation.SlideSize.Width and Presentation.SlideSize.Height ? they dont seem to be inches. How can you convert those numbers to inches?


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Thanks for considering Aspose.Slides.

The issue that you have specified here are already discussed in another forum thread posted by you. As mentioned earlier, the issue with ID 17037 has been created to resolve the issue. This thread has also been linked with the issue, so that you may be automatically notified once the issue is resolved.

The slide size units in Aspose.Slides are 576 pixels per inch. So, if a slide is 10 inch wide and 7.5 inch high then its size is 5760 x 4320. For further details please follow link 1 and last question mentioned in link 2.

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