Picture brightness is set to 0 after SetFooterPicture

I want to add picture to Workbook footer, but after that brightness is set to 0, and my picture is all black:

Workbook.Worksheets[0].PageSetup.SetFooterPicture(0, AppHelper.GetEmbeddedResourceAsBytes(“image.png”));

excel.png (4.2 KB)

Could you share your template excel file, image file and sample project here? We will check it soon.

Can I get Aspose.Cells.dll trial version, some .lic file?

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Adam Mada


You can easily download an evaluation version of Aspose.Cells from its download page @ NuGet repos. The evaluation version provides absolutely the same capabilities as the licensed version of the component except for a few limitations. Furthermore, evaluation version simply becomes licensed when you purchase a license and add a couple of lines of code to apply the license.

If you want to test Aspose.Cells without evaluation version limitations, you can also request a 30 Day Temporary License.

Also, see the document on how to set license for Aspose.Cells APIs.


If the newer versions work, then please upgrade to latest Aspose.Cells version as it has more enhancements and fixes.

It looks the older version (21.9) might has some bug regarding it which is resolved in newer versions. Since we have more enhancements and fixes in the newer versions, so it is always recommended to use latest version. We are sorry but we cannot add fixes to older versions. The fixes are always based on latest APIs set only.

Please set Brightness as the following codes in 21.9
pageSetup.SetFooter(0, “&G”);
pageSetup.SetFooterPicture(0, GetEmbeddedResourceAsBytes(“footer.png”));
Picture pic = pageSetup.GetPicture(false, 0);
pic.FormatPicture.Brightness = 50;

Yes, it works. Thank You :+1:


Good to know that it sorts out your issue now. Feel free to write us back if you have further comments or questions, we will be happy to assist you soon.